Puppet updates

When working with Puppet and a VCS (like git and SVN) it’s nice to have a simple way of updating the Puppet tree.

My tree is always in /etc/puppet and owned by user and group puppet. User puppet is allowed to checkout the complete tree from git or subversion.

I have created two one-liners to update the complete tree and make sure all rights are still correct.


# update_svn
su - puppet -c 'cd /etc/puppet; svn up; cd doc; ../bin/gendoc'


# update_git
su - puppet -c 'cd /etc/puppet; git pull; cd doc; ../bin/gendoc'

But, of course, it’s not handy to type update_git today and update_svn tomorrow. And I also don’t want a path to /etc/puppet/bin.

The solution is a very simple one, as always:

cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s /etc/puppet/bin/update_git pupdate

and now I only have to type pupdate and things work out.

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