Let the Cow say moo

When working for a customer I was installing an Ansible Automation Platform cluster and to keep track of all systems I decided to create a nice message of the day, of course with cowsay.

Something like this:

      < Member of the AAP Cluster >      | Host name   : thunderbolt
       ---------------------------       | Host alias  : cn01
                  \   ^__^               | Function    : Ansible AAP Control node
                   \  (oo)\_______       | Location    : Amsterdam
                      (__)\       )\/\   | IP address  :
                          ||----w |      | VMware name : EXDTONKE01
                          ||     ||

After a couple of days, when everything was nicely up dan running, one of my co-workers logged in to these systems ans immediately said: I want that MOTD on all systems.

This turned out to be a bit easier said than done. I thought that I could just install the cowsay RPM during the playbook run and use the cowsay command from there on. But I didn’t want all hosts to have cowsay installed, as that would violate company policy. And installing it in the executing container seemed to end in building a complete new container-image with just cowsay in there. I considered this to be way to much of a hassle, so I went the extra mile.

I have created an Ansible Cowsay module!

In your playbook you can now use the Cowsay module, feed it a nice title and register a variable containing all the moo the cow said.

The code is on Github.

Happy mooo-ing.

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