Update to OS X Lion

Last Friday I decided it was time to update my MacBook to OS X Lion. So I went to the app-store and donated my 23.99 euros to Apple.

The download was fast, very fast, if you consider how many people where downloading at that same moment.

After the download I first made a copy of the installer files, because I read that the installer throws these files away after installation. And, of course, I made a full backup with Time Machine.

Installation went smooth, but took a very long time. Initially the installer said it would take 33 minutes, but the total time ended up to be closer to two hours.

This is what the system says now: OS X Lion

Everything is working smoothly, but I did have to reinstall VMware Fusion. This had a little USB problem, that went away after the reinstall. Some programs needed to be updated (MacPorts and some others). And, if you are using anything like Photoshop, you need to install Java. Java is not part of the Lion install (due to licensing tricks made by Oracle) but you can still download it from Apple. Just search for ‘Java Lion’.

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