HP's newest invention

HP has got something new again: HP ePrint.

This surely comes from the ‘Useless inventions department’.

What is ePrint?

This lets you print from virtually everywhere. One of the ways that ePrint works is to assign an email address to your printer. To print, simply send an email containing your document to your printer’s address. You can print images, Microsoft Word, Excel* and PowerPoint documents, PDFs, and photos. You can view and manage print jobs sent to your printer using your printer Job History that is available on HP ePrintCenter.

The following email clients have been tested by HP ePrint:

  • Outlook 2003, 2007
  • Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail
  • Apple Mail (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, MacbookPro)
  • BlackBerry mail client
  • Nokia/Symbian client (Nokia)

To bad Mutt isn’t in this list.

First thing I wondered when I read this is: HP ePrint: What is wrong with lpr and lp and RFC 1179?

I think I jump to the disable section right away and I’m glad my printer doesn’t support it


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