Building an Ergodox

After a lot of thought I decided it was time for a new project, one I would enjoy and a project that would be useful for a long time.

Searching the web and reading articles I found the ErgoDox.

The ErgoDox is a split-hand ergonomic keyboard with mechanical switches and open source, layer-based firmware running on a Teensy microcontroller. While other keyboards offer dip-switches or GUI config tools, the firmware and layouts can be built from source on the command line or through a layout configuration tool. Flashing a new build onto the ErgoDox is easy with the multi-platform Teensy loader.

I immediately got interested and after searching a bit more I ordered the kit at Falbatech. Unfortunately they do not supply the keycaps, so I ordered them from Signature Plastics.

After about three weeks of waiting the parts arrived from Poland and I planned to build the keyboard the next weekend. As I would be ‘home alone’ this was the perfect moment to solder the parts together.

When weekend arrived I started setting up for this project.

Getting started

On the right you can see my 25 year old Weller soldering iron. After much abuse still going strong.

Some extra pictures of the build:

A bunch of keys

Only keys to do

And the almost finished keyboard.

Almost done

I’m using this keyboard for a couple of weeks now and I’m not up to speed yet. After typing while looking at my keyboard for over 20 years now, makes it rather difficult to type blind again. But I’m slowly gaining speed.

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