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Some time ago I switch from m0n0wall to pfSense and I did like it a lot.

But a problem with PPTP tunneling made me think again. Was pfSense the way to go?

Well, it wasn’t. When I was trying to get IPv6 up and running it turned out that pfSense doesn’t support IPv6 out of the box. And m0n0wall does. There where some answers on the internet, but I was not willing to hack the pfSense box if that was not needed. And the pfSense website states that IPv6 support will come after the release of 2.0. I’m not going to hold my breath that long. And the PPTP tunneling problem can only be solved when you have a dual external IP address. My provider won’t give me a static one, so two statics is completely out of the question.

So, here is what I did. I took my old firewall and installed m0n0wall (version 1.32, the latest stable) on it. After that I implemented all the firewall thingies I had in the pfSense box and put all the stuff in to make it work.

Then I switched firewalls to test it for a couple of days and see if everything works. And it did. So, I installed m0n0wall on the primary firewall and left it running for some time.

OK, time to implement IPv6, but that is a different story. When I have it completely up and running, you are the first to here it.


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