Completely had it with OpenSolaris

Some time ago I blogged about installing OpenSolaris and how impressed I was with it. Well, as things progress and ideas change, I now completely have had it with OpenSolaris. A lot of packages installed from the repositories do not work and it is slooooooowww (hence the nickname Slowlaris). I still think ZFS rocks, but OpenSolaris isn’t there yet.

As a UNIX/Linux consultant I do not mind a little puzzle now and then, but for my laptop it just has to work. I cannot afford to spend a couple of hours to find out how to compile a simple package as Mutt, which I cannot live without. If this was the only thing it would be livable, but it’s for about everything I need. And after a couple of week I still didn’t have my PPTP VPN and OpenVPN up and running. Missing libraries, not enough development tools, broken dependencies, no proxytunnel, no virtual tunnel device etc.

Well, I’m fed up. I’m listening to Pavlov’s Dog and installing Ubuntu.


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