Got asciidoc working again

On my own server I tried to build the Git RPM’s and that worked, but on the server at work it borked on building the documentation.

The message I got was

asciidoc: FAILED: [tabledef-default] missing section: [tabletags-header]

and Google has never heard of it.

Both servers are running CentOS 5.4 i386, so no differences there. I started looking for the responsible program and I found out that at home I have asciidoc version 8.5.1 and at work I have asciidoc version 8.5.3.

So, at home I saved the current /etc/asciidoc/asciidoc.conf and upgraded the package. What a surprise, the docs did not build anymore. So I found the program that messes up things. But why?

Diffing the new config file with the old one I found two lines with the text


Knowing almost nothing about asciidoc I am not hindered with knowledge, so I commented out these lines. I do not have any idea if I break other things, but now my Git RPM’s build correctly and the documentation looks good.

As far as I’m concerned: Problem Solved.


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