Prince2 foundation exam

The last 3 days were very hectic. I attended the course “Prince2 Foundation” which prepared me for the Prince2 exam. Three days of good old, hardcore studying. I really felt like an old man, not a student. I can hardly believe I did this for years non-stop and partied all the time. I even get exhausted thinking about it. Those were really good times, with very fond memories.

But all the hard work payed off. I did pass the exam (unofficially for now) and I do now have a “Prince2 Foundation qualification”.

I would like to take a minute to thank our trainer Peter van der Maas who made these three days a complete joy. I would also like to thank the rest of the group. You all made it worthwhile and congrats if you succeeded as well.

At this moment in time I don’t know if I will try the “Prince2 Practitioner” as well, but only time can tell.


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