How I broke the triple-e and repaired it

Last weekend I decided it was time again to completely update my eeePC. So I ran the command tantrum everybody knows:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

and that gave me 287 new and updated packages.

After that I needed to reboot because I got a lot of new stuff.

Well, there the trouble began. No X, no network, no mouse, no USB etc. It was in a terrible state.

Digging around and repairing the odd stuff, I got X running, but still no mouse and no network. I thought that there had to be a general problem, because it looked impossible that everything was broken without some major hickup. Digging further and further I suddenly noticed that I did have a lot of files with the name ending in dpkg-new. That gave me the clou that these where new configs and new scripts that didn’t update the original ones. why wasn’t clear, first get the thing up and running again.

Now it was time for drastic actions. I found that all this weirdness was in the /etc directory so I created a small script to correct it. If it did work I would have a running eeePC again. If it didn’t I would be in it very deep.

Here’s the script:

cd /etc
for f in $(find . -type f -name \*.dpkg-new)
	a=$(echo $f | sed 's/\.dpkg-new$//')
	mv $a $a.NOT
	mv $a.dpkg-new $a

After running this everything worked again, like out of the box.

Now I only need to find out why the upgrade went sour. This blog will be updated as soon as I know.


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