Ditched MarkDown.pl

After using John Grubers original Markdown for a couple of years now, I finally ditched it. I kept wanting things that where not in the Perl version and after a while I lost the fun to code them myself. So I started looking around and I found some alternatives, like rdiscount, libupskirt and a lot more. But I also wanted syntax highlighting, without JavaScript if possible.

Digging around I found Markdown in Python in combination with Pygments. I just tweaked a little Python script to run markdown from the command line and configured blaze to use it.

This is the blaze config line

processor=md -x codehilite -x footnotes -x tables %in% > %out%

and the little python script.

#!/usr/bin/env python26

import logging
from markdown import COMMAND_LINE_LOGGING_LEVEL
from markdown import commandline

logger: logging.getLogger('MARKDOWN')

if __name__ == '__main__':

To bad I don’t code more Python, people say it’s fun. Maybe something for the holidays.

At this moment this seems to be a keeper.

My patched version of MarkDown is still in the download section. Feel free to take a copy home!


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