Changed the top photo

At the top of this site I used a photo I found on Flickr and that was made by Toverberg. It was a nice panorama.

However it was a very nice photo I thought it would be better to use one I made myself. So today I was out there with a friend of mine (Niels) taking pictures for his camping. When selecting these pictures I was triggered by the one now shown at the top of this page. It shows the “Dutch National Liberation Museum 1944-1945” in our beautiful village. The white part in the middle resembles a parachute and inside it is “The Dome of Honour”, with the “Roll of Honour” and was built in 1987. This is in memory of the dropping of thousands of American paratroopers on the landing zones alongside the Wylerbaan and in Klein Amerika on 17 September 1944, as well as the great Rhineland Offensive.

At the right of the Dome of Honour is the main building. This is largely build with portacabins from the former Neeltje Jans flood barrier construction site in Zealand. These were moved here in 1987.


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