Markdown patched

As you might know, this site is created with Nanoblogger and Markdown. This setup works nice and almost completely as I want it.

What I didn’t like was the fact that every link opens in the current page. I think (and you may disagree, yes really, you may) that an external link can be opened in a different tab or window.

So I patched the Markdown Perl script and added an extra option for links.

Now I can define two sorts of links:

The internal (opens in the same window or tab):

[Link text](the URL to the link)

The external (opens in a new window or tab):

[Link text](the URL to the link)

Note the subtle difference between the two. The internal uses () and the external {}.

Just take a look at the patched

Update 1

When I was generating my complete site I noticed that something broke the W3C compliance. Looking into it I found that it had to do with the patched It introduced a underscore and further in the process it is translated into some HTML-code.

I’ve corrected the problem and a new is now available.


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